Sunday, July 7th:

We will arrive in Athens, Greece and spend much of the day resting from our long travels.

We are staying at Athens Atrum
21, Okeanidon Street
Neos Kosmos, 117 45

We should have the ability to connect with WiFi, so perhaps I can write some about my flight across the Atlantic!

Our People-to-People site includes this information about Athens:

Athens is one of the world's oldest cities and has been continuously inhabited for over 3000 years. It boasts two UNESCO World Heritage sites - the Acropolis of Athens and the Daphni Monastery. The city's name derives from the mythological goddess of wisdom, Athena - who according to legend competed with the sea god Poseidon to become the patron of the city. While Poseidon gave horses to the city, Athena won over citizens with her gift of the olive tree, representing peace and prosperity.

Wondering why you are here in this city? Watch this Brainpop and see how many of our modern culture's elements began right here. Log in username and password are the same: Leolaes

Here are some photos posted to the P2P facebook site by our leader, Troy.
facebook arrived safely.PNG

Traveling by coach
traveling on the highway.PNG
Along the highway

sharing a meal at arrival.PNG
Sharing a first meal


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