Tuesday, July 9th

Our People-to-People site says:
Crete is more like a small country than another Greek island. It's not just Greece's largest island, but arguably it is the most fascinating and diverse. Its remarkable history is evident across the island, from the ruins of the Minoan palace of Knossos to the Venetian fortresses of Rethymon; from old mosques and Byzantine monasteries to the cave that is the legendary birthplace of Zeus. The Venetian port of Hania in Western Crete is one of Greece's most evocative cities and the Capital, Heraklion, is a dynamic city, the fifth largest in Greece. Crete is renowned for its natural beauty and diverse landscape. Spectacular mountain ranges dotted with caves are sliced by dramatic gorges that spill out to the sea. The rugged interior is interspersed with vast plateaus and fertile plains.

Here's what we'll be doing!

We'll visit the Dicteon Caves - birthplace of Zeus! Our guide will tell us all about this ancient Greek myth.

We'll see the monastery of Panagia Vidiani to learn more about Greek Mythology.

We'll step foot literally and figuratively into the Minoan era as we visit the Palace of Knossos.

We'll tour the city of Heraklion by foot.

Our overnight accommodations are at:
Asterias Village
59, Evropis Street
Hersonissos - Crete 70014

With WiFi here, I should be able to upload some photos and write about what I've been seeing!

These photos were posted to the facebook site by Troy
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group with Bryce in front of guard.PNG
group shot.PNGKnossos Crete.PNGview to the sea.PNG

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