Wednesday, July 10th

Today should be a very exciting day! We are going to be working with the "Archelon Association" on a service project. This organization is devoted to the protection of sea turtles and preserving their natural habitat for reproduction. That means we'll be locating nesting sites of sea turtles on the beach!

We are also going to take time to explore the town of Rethymon today. It should be fun walking around and discovering all this picturesque town has to offer.

Crete's culture is the focus of the day...

We are going to have a chance to see how the delicious, sweet treat Baklava is made.

We'll meet the mayor of Rethymon (or at least his representative) and be officially welcomed to the city.

We'll also try our hand... or is that feet... at Greek dances. The main square of Gerani village is our location.

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